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Kindergarten Classroom

Building Childcare
in Ticonderoga

Public Childcare is Coming to Ticonderoga

Childcare is a unique challenge in the North Country and all of rural America.  Agencies and communities have been struggling for decades to find a way to build and sustain it. As with all the projects at Ti-Alliance we're working to solve our childcare challenge the way we know how: by coming together with a creative community-wide effort to figure it out. And, we’re almost there.

In April of 2022 Ti-Alliance convened the first meetings of the Ticonderoga Community Childcare Alliance Committee to explore the possibility of building a public childcare facility to support families and employers in our area. After over 18 months of planning, we’re implementing our plan. Along the way we’re building a “play book” for other towns to share our plans and learnings so that they might also mobilize their community to build something similar.

  • We surveyed our community.

    • We distributed the Ticonderoga Area Childcare Survey to establish exactly what our childcare needs are and important information about how the lack of childcare affects families. CLICK HERE to see the data.

  • We have identified a facility.

    • St. Mary’s School in Ticonderoga closed its doors in June 2023 after 65 wonderful years of operation. The parish couldn’t think of anything they would want more than to see the building full of children again and has generously made it available for our childcare project.

  • We have a construction plan.

    • We coordinated with the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to identify the work required to make the St. Mary’s building conform to OCFS code.

  • We created a business plan.

    • This encompasses the construction, start-up operations, and 3-year operating plan for the childcare center and used it to secure funding for the project.

  • We raised the funding.

    • The Northern Border Regional Commission (federal) will be providing $248,000 for construction and some start-up costs. CLICK HERE for the news release.

    • Local employers, private foundations, and individuals have contributed an additional $175,000 toward start-up and operational costs. CLICK HERE for the list of grants and major donations. If you would like to contribute to sustainable childcare in our area, CLICK HERE to donate and specify “Childcare Fund” in the drop down menu.

  • We're getting started.

    • Current efforts are underway to finalize engineering drawings and secure a contractor to begin work in November 2023 on the small number of changes required.

  • We're staffing up.

    • If you or someone you know would like to work in childcare, contact us.

Current project details:

We invite everyone in our community to be a part of the Ticonderoga Community Childcare Project. Go to our “registry” and help us furnish a room in the center.  There’s something for everyone and every budget. From toys and books, to mats and cribs. Or click here for our donation page and specify “Childcare Fund” for your donation. Or email Donna Wotton at with your ideas.

Childcare in the North Country

Rural America is often called a "childcare desert."

Realize your dream of owning your own business. 


of households report concerns about their current childcare.

Up to $20,000 in 5-year very low-interest loans.


of households experience work issues due to childcare needs.

Easy, flexible terms to help you get started or expand your business.


of employers stated the profitability of their business is decreased by the lack of childcare.

One-on-one entrepreneurial mentorship.


of employers stated the ability to hire/retain employees is negatively affected by the lack of childcare.

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Coming Together to Solve the Childcare Challenge in our Community

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