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Make a Big Impact on Small Businesses.

The Ti-Alliance Entrepreneurs Fund is a great way for contributors to give tax-deductible donations that support local small business start-ups and expansion.  Invest in your community.

Burleigh's Luncheonette

"This fund is a tremendous asset for our local businesses. Thank you, Ti-Alliance!"

Mark Barber, Owner

February 2022

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Ti-Alliance Entrepreneurs Fund Loan to Burleigh's Luncheonette.jpeg

Silver Bay General Store

"We're so excited and feel very privileged to carry on the tradition of the store."

Paul Budd, Owner

February 2022

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Copy of Ti-Alliance Entrepreneurs Fund Loan to Silver Bay General Store.jpg

About the Ti-Alliance Entrepreneurs Fund

The role of the fund is to stimulate economic growth and opportunity through “gap financing” for new and existing micro and small businesses that will create jobs in the Ticonderoga area. Here’s how the Fund for Entrepreneurship and Revitalization works.  


Monies from various sources including private individuals, public and private foundations, and state and federal government can be combined in a single fund to provide monies for local small business development and expansion.  

The Fund will assist applicants with strong business plans and a drive to succeed. We are currently focused on businesses that expand year-round employment in tourism, medical services, and tech/light manufacturing, including established businesses owned by women, youth, veterans, and persons with disabilities. One-on-one mentorship will be provided to all successful applicants.

For full information on the Fund, CLICK HERE.



  • Donations to the fund are 100% tax-deductible.

  • Businesses started with local investment are more likely to be successful because everyone is vested in the outcome. Plus, loan recipients can access support from Ti-Alliance at no additional cost.

  • Because of Ti-Alliance's status as a nonprofit, we have entrepreneurs' best interests at heart. Loans can be set at low-interest rates and with flexible terms to best benefit their businesses.

  • Access to low-interest start-up and expansion funding makes our community a more appealing place for new businesses to open and for existing businesses to grow.


  • It's the gift that keeps on giving. As loaned money gets paid back to the fund, Ti-Alliance uses that funding to help the next start-up or expanding business. This creates a sustainable fund for local entrepreneurs... and that's how long-term economic development gets done!


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