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174 Lake George Avenue

Ti-Works is an affordable and flexible 24-hour co-working space that provides a professional environment for individual workers. Located at 174 Lake George Avenue (behind Sunshine Laundry), our newly remodeled, modern space has eight furnished desks, two additional desks, a conference room with seating for six people, a private room, and a small common lounge space. Users will have access to a color printer/scanner, broadband Internet service, kitchenette with refrigerator, coffeemaker, microwave, and an ADA accessible bathroom. There is also excellent cell phone reception from all carriers anywhere in the space.

Whether you are working remotely from your company headquarters/offices, or self-employed and need a quiet, professional place from which to work and host meetings, Ti-Works is an affordable and flexible alternative to renting and furnishing your own office.


Our staff is fully vaccinated. Please review our Guidelines & COVID-Safe Protocols (available HERE). The health and safety of everyone at Ti-Works is our number one concern. Thank you for respecting the health and safety of others at Ti-Works.

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Choose Your Plan and Space


Ti-Works can accommodate a variety of office needs and styles. Desks can be rented on a monthly or weekly basis and dedicated solely to you. OR you can "pay by the day" and have the flexibility of dropping in at any time, park at a desk or on the couch to scan and email that document you need to send. Need to have a meeting in a professional environment? Book the conference room in advance. Ti-Works the way you work.


CLICK HERE to view the Ti-Works Co-Working Space Guidelines and Covid-Safe Protocols.



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Ti-Works Rates

  • Monthly full-time reserved (dedicated cubicle). Includes use of conference room.


  • Monthly non-dedicated. Desk/cubicle on availability.  Includes use of conference room.

  • Weekly (reserved in advance/dedicated desk). Includes use of conference room.  

  • Daily desk (available on 1st come 1st served basis).

  • Privacy room (reserve on the calendar). Separate room with closing door.

  • Conference room (reserve on the calendar). By the hour.






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We're OPEN!  

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Claire Burns at

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"Ti-Works was incredibly accommodating! The WiFi is speedy and they took all precautions to ensure I could work there while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines." - Elsa Coughlin

"Thank you for recognizing the needs of independent contractors, the self-employed, corporate virtual employees, and traveling business essential workers! Awesome to be able to work in Ticonderoga!" - Theresa Maria Daniels 

"Your Ti-Works workspace was a life-saver! I put in a full work week and enjoyed time with my family on Lake George." - Brian Schreiner

Ti-Works: A Co-Working Space

Ti-Works: A Co-Working Space

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Tour of Ti-Works

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