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The Clubhouse

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On Memorial Day Weekend 2018 a devastating fire burned the Ticonderoga Golf Club's clubhouse to the ground. Three years later, on Memorial Day Weekend 2021 TGC opened this magnificent new building, bringing an essential contributor back to our community.

Few businesses in the North Country are capable of generating more than $2.5 million annually into a local economy. To have its revenues, taxes, tourist draw, and more than 25 jobs leave a community overnight, was devastating. But that's what happened when the Ticonderoga Golf Club's clubhouse burned down.

Now, after three years and through the perseverance and generosity of a community, TGC is back with a beautiful new clubhouse. Built to support the many needs of the club and the Ticonderoga Area's residents, the new facility is home to Seymour's elegant restaurant and bar, the casual Tap Room and patio, indoor and outdoor event space, and miles worth of stunning Adirondack views from every corner.

At the same time that the clubhouse was being rebuilt, the 18-hole golf course completed a multi-million dollar renovation creating new holes, upgrading others, improving greens and tee boxes, and installing efficient irrigation. The result is a course that promises a spectacular and challenging round of play for golfers at any level.

From the economic standpoint, the club rebuild will be a game changer for the Ticonderoga Area and the Southern Adirondacks. It represents more than 25 jobs back in the economy at one location....a rare occurrence in the Adirondacks, and making it the 5th largest employer in the area. In addition, the club is able to draw more tourist dollars than ever with the ability to host more than 20 tournaments and many other events each season with lodging and other retail revenues making their way into our economy.

TGC now provides the best golfing experience in the Adirondacks, expanded employment opportunities, and a new place to make memories. In doing so it drives new opportunities for housing, restaurants, retail, and the additional jobs and tax base that they provide for Ticonderoga’s revitalization.

Ti-Alliance was pleased to partner with the Ti Golf Club to help finance the rebuilding of the clubhouse. This is an excellent example of how a Local Development Corporation can utilize its flexible financing tools to encourage private investment in support of a major project in our community. Ti-Alliance was able to take large donations toward the rebuild and provide those funds to TGC for the rebuild at very favorable terms. Ultimately those dollars will make their way back to Ti-Alliance and be used for other economic development projects in the future.

Ti-Alliance congratulates the members and board of Ticonderoga Golf Club on the successful completion of this amazing project and we thank you for allowing us to be a contributing partner in this endeavor.

Welcome Back To the Ti Golf Club Clubhouse!  

Visit soon to see how special it is.

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