The importance of rebuilding the clubhouse extends well beyond its use as a recreational outlet for our residents.  It affects your taxes, jobs, and puts more than $2.5M into our local economy every year.
  • Between its revenues, taxes, and 25 jobs, the Ti Golf Course pumped more than $2.5 million into our local economy each year prior to the fire.  In addition to the impact of 25 precious jobs, it draws key tourism dollars into our economy and helps to keep our taxes low.

  • The clubhouse is a community asset.  Without it we also lose one of the only venues in our area that can serve our community and our economy in a significant way.  The clubhouse is:

    • A potential year-round social gathering place 

    • Meeting place for civic groups (like Kiwanis) and community functions (like the Ti Arts Murder Mysteries)

    • Rentable event space for family celebrations and fundraisers

    • A viable partner for The Barn and other events that need large space and catering

  • The Golf Course and Restaurant was a viable business before the fire, and will be a viable business again after rebuilding.  This is an investment in something that we know will be successful for the long term, a rarity in the North Country.

TGC plays a crucial role in the economies and well being of Ticonderoga and the surrounding communities.  Rebuilding our clubhouse is essential to the long-term viability of Ticonderoga Golf Course as a major employer and contributor in our region.  TGC is determined to provide the community with the best golfing experience in the Adirondacks, expanded employment opportunities, and a new place to make memories. In doing so we drive new opportunities for housing, restaurants, retail, and the additional jobs and tax base that they provide for Ticonderoga’s revitalization. We will rebuild.

To date more than $1.7 million as been raised through Ti-Alliance for the rebuilding of the clubhouse.  Help us get "all the way there".  DONATE TODAY to rebuild the clubhouse.  For detailed information regarding the status and costs to rebuild the clubhouse, CLICK HERE.

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