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To help meet this need, the Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance partners with the school counselors at Ticonderoga High School on a program to promote career and technical training to young Ticonderoga residents. The program consists of several components designed to create interest in these careers and ultimately put our own residents to work right here in our own community.

The Trades Are More Needed Than Ever.

The components are:

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Vocational Training

In 2019 Ti-Alliance applied for and received a $95,000 rural business development grant to provide funding for our school budget in the form of tuitions for Ticonderoga High School seniors to attend vocational training through the CV-TEC program in Mineville. The grant was renewed for the 2020/2021 school year for a total of nearly $200,000 of support for vocational education for our students. As a result, the CV-TEC program has become increasingly popular with students. 5 times the number of students who attended in 2018 attended in 2021.


The Quick Reference Guide to Skilled Career Programs

The Quick Reference Guide to Skilled Career Programs is designed to help counselors, students, and parents sort out all the training options available and figure out how to connect with them. It outlines the training available to high school juniors and seniors through BOCES/CV-TEC and more than 30 college-level programs that are taught at regional schools. It also provides admissions contact information and financial aid resources for all the programs. The brochure is now available online at

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Eric Heckman

school counselor

“Our partnership with the Ti-Alliance has been nothing but positive. With their help, we’ve been able to deploy this Quick Reference Guide in a very short time. Now we have all of the important information on one page to help our students pursue careers in the trades. As school counselors, we are very excited to have this invaluable additional resource. We look forward to continued collaborations with Ti-Alliance."


The Career Exploration Program

The Career Exploration Program, comprised of the Students in the Field and Professionals in the Classroom programs, helps students explore local careers. The program enlists the help of local employers to bring professionals into the classroom to work side-by-side with students. The program also takes the students to job sites. The goal of this project is to expose students to careers in the trades with hands-on experience and skilled mentors. It directly connects students with potential employers and encouragement for training. Read more about this project on our Career Exploration page.

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Ticonderoga High School students explore the construction trade with Reale Construction during a Students in the Field trip.


The Summer Jobs & Internships Program

The Summer Jobs and Internships Program connects students interested in skilled careers with local professionals. The goal is for students to work side by side with full-time professionals for a hands-on learning experience. The annual spring job fair connects local employers with students at Ticonderoga Junior-Senior High School for seasonal and year-round employment opportunities. A guide with job listings is provided to students in the weeks leading up to the fair. This empowers them to explore employment opportunities that interest them.


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2022 Job Fair Report.png
2022 Job Fair Report.png


Trade Education Scholarships

The Trade Education Scholarship fund ensures that anyone in our area who desires an education in the trades is not restricted by their finances. Since 2020, we've administered over $100,000 in scholarships to help people pursue their dreams. Learn more on our Career Training Scholarships page.

Construction Engineer

Building a

Skilled Workforce

Chances are, if you are a skilled craftsperson living in our area, you’re either self-employed or have a job. And, you are likely very busy. That’s because this sector has more job openings than any other area of our economy. With a significant shortage of skilled contractors of all types and a rapid rate of retirement in the field, these services are at an all-time premium. That means more opportunity and better pay for those with the required skills and a significant opportunity for us to grow our trade and service-based economy.

We are focused on building a stronger skilled workforce for the Ticonderoga Area. Getting our young people connected to training in occupations where they can live and work in our community is essential. Whether they enroll in BOCES/CV-TEC at the high school level or go on to Associates Degrees and certifications at the college level, there are jobs waiting for them right here in our community.


Local professionals interested in hosting a summer intern or participating in the Career Exploration program can contact Program Coordinator, Melinda Fuller, at To learn more about other ways to get involved in our workforce development programs, contact Executive Director, Donna Wotton, at Students interested in summer jobs and/or internships can contact their guidance counselor at Ticonderoga High School.


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