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Financial Help

Get the training you need to make a good living in the North Country


Money Is Not An Obstacle

Lack of funds should not prevent any student desiring a trade education from pursuing their goals. Help is available from many sources and your school counselor can help you determine what help you need and how to obtain it. There are scholarships (free money), Grants (free money), Student Loans, and more to help you.

Scholarships (Free Money): A scholarship is an “award” of money based on “merit”. They can be awarded by your high school, by the trade school, by civic organizations, parent’s employer, bank, club, or any other person or organization. Scholarships do not have to be paid back after graduation. Contact your school counselor to see how you qualify. 


Grants (Free Money): A grant is a financial award that is usually based on financial need. These can be awarded from federal (Pell Grants) or state funds (Excelsior Grants), or from the trade school itself. Grants do not have to be paid back after graduation.

Student Loans: Student loans are just that. You borrow money from a bank or student lending organization at a relatively low interest rate. There are no payments while you are in school, but upon graduation you must begin to repay the loan. Student loans are viable ways to finance education, but for trade education, we encourage you to exhaust all other avenues of financial aid before taking on the debt of a loan.


Other Financial Help (Free Money): Many students need other financial help for living expenses, childcare, transportation, and other financial burdens that would keep them from affording full-time or part-time school after high school. Don’t let any financial need be the reason that you don’t get the training you desire. The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance has a scholarship program that can work with you to make sure you graduate with skills and without debt. Just reach out through your school counselor.

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