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Ti-Alliance Receives Charles R. Wood Foundation Grant for Childcare

November 7, 2023, Ticonderoga, NY – The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance has announced the receipt of a $100,000 grant from the Charles R. Wood Foundation to support the Ticonderoga Community Childcare Project.

The grant will be used to support the new childcare center to be located at St. Mary’s School in Ticonderoga. Since early 2022 Ti-Alliance and a dedicated team of committee members, agency representatives, school leadership, and professionals from the surrounding communities have been working to bring public childcare to Ticonderoga.

The Charles R. Wood Foundation was founded in 1978 with its mission to provide assistance to areas of special need in the Lake George Region and surrounding areas. Not-for-profit organizations with an emphasis on programs for children, healthcare and the arts are the beneficiaries of Mr. Wood’s generosity.

“Mr. Wood was known as an “optimistic realist”, and when it comes to building childcare for our community, we needed a lot of optimism and a healthy dose of realism. Ti-Alliance is honored to be recognized by the Foundation for our work on childcare and are so grateful for this critical funding that will help bring this project to fruition. We share Charley’s vision of a region rich with resources for children, healthcare, and the arts.”

The grant is part of a funding goal of nearly $1 million needed to build a sustainable public childcare facility that will serve Ticonderoga and all the surrounding towns. The center will support approximately 50 children and create 11 full time jobs, all providing living wage salaries and benefits. The center is expected to open in the spring of 2024.

Ti-Alliance is an economic development 501c3 non-profit working to develop business, employment, housing, education, childcare, and other activities that enhance the economy of the Ticonderoga Area and build a strong regional economic hub in the southern part of the North Country. For more information about Ti-Alliance and how to get involved, visit the official website at


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