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One day…..November 28 …..$30,000

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide day of charity formed around the idea of shared humanity and “radical generosity”. It’s a day to put aside our differences and support our communities and favorite causes, both local and global.

Ti-Alliance envisions the entire Ticonderoga Area (including Hague, Putnam, Moriah and Crown Point) as a regional business and cultural hub that provides its residents and the region with gainful employment, a high standard of living, abundant year-round work, recreational, and entertainment opportunities and a sense of “place”.

We’re committed to creating economic development programs and projects that enhance the lives and opportunities of the residents of Ticonderoga and the surrounding communities. We’re highly focused on areas that bring infrastructure and stability to our towns.

  • Childcare

  • Workforce Development

  • Education and Scholarships

  • Downtown Development

  • The Entrepreneurs Fund

  • Workforce Housing

Last year Ti-Alliance raised $25,000 on Giving Tuesday. This year our goal is $30, just one day. In the coming weeks we will be sharing our 2023 Giving Tuesday Project Profiles to bring you closer to our work. We hope you enjoy the stories and the people that help us do this work, and benefit from it. And we hope that you will Share the Vision and donate on November 28, 2023. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this important day.

Share the Vision.

Follow us on social media at and Instagram to see exciting daily updates during our 2023 Giving Tuesday Campaign.


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