Due to the excellent results produced in Round 1 of the project, we were invited by New York State to submit a proposal for up Round II funding to begin in July.  The proposal was submitted on March 8 for $50,000, the maximum allowed in this round of funding.  

Over the past two years, Ti-Alliance partnered with the Town of Ticonderoga Code Enforcement Office and the Housing Assistance Program of Essex County (HAPEC) to create a database and remediation plan for derelict and abandoned residential properties in the Town of Ti.  The program was very successful.  Most of the 100 identified properties were remediated over the past two years with the final funds currently being used for four asbestos surveys on the most seriously damaged properties in preparation for demolition.


Nancy Archer and Lance Clark (Ti-Alliance) and Allan Hipps (HAPEC) collaborated with the Code office and Town Supervisor to write the Round 2 grant.  101 vacant properties were identified for inclusion in this round of the project including single-family homes and multi-family residential buildings.


Our proposal includes a range of actions including:

  • Enhancement of the electronic database created in Round I to automatically flag follow-on actions.

  • A one day workshop to share the system and process with Code Officers in neighboring towns.

  • A Project Working Group to increase awareness and dialogue about the Project, especially in neighborhoods where Code enforcement actions are under way.

  • Increased legal actions for enforcement.


A special focus will be placed on an expansion of the partnership between Essex County and the Town of Ti to acquire, rehab, resell or repurpose a number of houses with significant structural or other problems but that don’t need to be demolished.   These houses can be brought to code and put productively back on the tax rolls though utilization of a variety of financial tools available to the town through Ti-Alliance and other vehicles.

We also hope to create a Zombie and Abandoned Properties (ZAP) Revolving Loan Fund to provide gap funding to address repairs needed to residential properties in preparation for resale.  The Town will contribute $10,000 in matching funds if we receive the $10,000 requested from the State grant.






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