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Due to the excellent results produced in Phase 1 of the project, we were invited by New York State to submit a proposal for Phase II funding.  We're happy to report that the Town of Ticonderoga, assisted by Ti-Alliance and the Housing Assistance Program of Essex County (HAPEC) were awarded Phase II funding for 2021.

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From 2017-2020 Ti-Alliance partnered with the Town of Ticonderoga Code Enforcement Office and the Housing Assistance Program of Essex County (HAPEC) to help with the problem of derelict and abandoned properties in Ticonderoga.  The project was funded for $75,000 by the State of New York, with Ticonderoga as the smallest town in the state to receive such funding.  


A special focus will be placed on an expansion of the partnership between Essex County and the Town of Ti to acquire, rehab, resell or repurpose a number of houses with significant structural or other problems but that don’t need to be demolished.   These houses can be brought to code and put productively back on the tax rolls though utilization of a variety of financial tools available to the town through Ti-Alliance and other vehicles.

Part of the funds were used for increased outreach for mortgage and foreclosure prevention counseling by HAPEC.  The majority of funds were provided for creative ways to strengthen the work of the Code Enforcement Office including:

·      Creating a computer data base of derelict properties to systematically record and monitor key enforcement actions.

·      Creating a new mechanism for the Town to mow and clean problem properties and bill the owner for this work.

·      Using the new NY “zombie” law to push mortgage companies to secure and maintain properties in foreclosure.

·      Working to demolish and clear selected derelict properties that have come into County ownership for tax arrears.

·      Carrying out asbestos surveys.

·      Identifying priority problem properties for special attention by the Code Enforcement Office and the Town Attorney.

Based on this successful work, the Town was asked to apply for a 2nd round of State funding.  Ti-Alliance and HAPEC collaborated with the Code Enforcement Office and the Town Supervisor to write the Phase 2 grant.  This additional funding is for $47,500 until November 30, 2021 and will be used to:

·      Carry out additional outreach and mortgage counseling by HAPEC.

·      Strengthen the CEO data base as a management tool.

·      Seek out possible additional funding for repair and remediation.

·      Carry out additional asbestos surveys.

·      Fund additional legal actions.

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130 The Portage before and after.


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