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The business plan for the new building includes not only the restoration of the pro shop, storage facilities, and expanded bar and restaurant, but provides additional public space and kitchen facilities to support hosted events up to 250 people.  The new facility would employ approximately 25 people in its golf, restaurant, and catering departments and have annual revenues estimated at $1.25M, not only replacing, but expanding on the economic contributions of the previous facility.  

The planned clubhouse has 12,700 square feet of enclosed space including 2,400 square feet dedicated to cart storage on the lower ground floor/walk-out level. The upper first-floor restaurant and conference space totals about 4200 square feet.  It will include a well-appointed and comfortable setting to meet with loved ones and friends, business clients, and to host a variety of special charity events. 

  • 1,440 square feet of indoor restaurant space is designed to provide expanded on-site fine dining for up to 150 people, plus additional space on the porches.   An event lawn will also be located just to the south of the clubhouse.

  • A larger kitchen will enable an increase to off-site catering capabilities that will ensure that regional catering opportunities thrive both on the TGC property, the Wedding Barn, and beyond.

  • The clubhouse will serve as a centerpiece for activities for youth participating in the First Tee Initiative as well as a place to support youth education. We are please to investments in activities that teach honor, discipline, goal setting, patience, and wellness.

  • The new clubhouse has the ability to expand operations and activities year-round.  This capability is part of a key initiative in our area to expand our tourism economy to all four seasons.

Project Costs & Status:  TGC contracted with Phinney Design group for architectural plans, Mountainside Development for course and site work, and partnered with Bonacio Construction Inc. for building construction.  In June of 2019 a settlement was reached where TGC would receive $1.6 million for business interruption, up-front preparation and rebuild costs, and $1.1 million to be paid when the building is constructed to cover the cost of building code changes and depreciation.  


The reconstruction project is now planned and ongoing.


Pre-Construction – $1.6 million complete or obligated (paid from insurance)

  • Negotiate settlement with Philadelphia Insurance Company (COMPLETE)

  • Removal of fire debris and preparation of site to continue golf operations and initial preparation for new construction (COMPLETE)

  • Repair damage to the course nearest the building caused by the fire (COMPLETE)

  • Architecture, design, engineering (COMPLETE)

  • Full site preparation for new construction (COMPLETE)


Building Construction – $4.4 million  

  • Groundbreaking November 1, 2019 – footings and concrete foundation (COMPLETE)

  • Expected completion of exterior construction March 2020.

  • Expected completion of interior construction June 2020.


Fundraising/financing to date: 

Cash and Insurance proceeds remaining:                     $750,000                              

New York Empire State Development Grant:                  250,000 

Private donations & pledges:                                          1,700,000 (some over 4 years)

Total in hand or committed:                                         $2,700,000


The deficit between current funding and the $4.4 million required for construction completion is $1.3 million.  TGC’s fund raising efforts continue through both private philanthropic and public sources.  TGC has an agreement and is working with Bonacio’s owners to time construction activity appropriately as funding is available.  TGC and Bonacio Construction have also agreed on an “exit ramp” where the building would be enclosed, but inside outfitting and finishing would not be complete. 


Amount to be raised: Minimum additional funding needed to get to be operation this June is $1.3 million. 


How Can You Help?

Ticonderoga is not a private club and we do not live in a wealthy community. Our membership fees are very modest to allow residents to participate.  But this means that there is no endowment, large reserves, or major funding that supports our operations, or deep-pocketed membership to bridge our rebuilding deficit.  It’s a public facility serving the many needs of our community.  


Pledge a Private Donation:  As of January 2019, TGC formally partnered with the Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance (Ti-Alliance), a 501(c)(3) local development corporation whose mission is to restore economic prosperity though public-private partnerships and investments.  As a non-profit economic development organization, they can provide donors with tax benefits for their contributions.  Funds that are donated to Ti-Alliance will be provided to Ticonderoga Golf Club in the form of a low interest loan with very favorable repayment terms.  As TGC repays the loan to Ti-Alliance, those monies must be used to further economic development in our community.  As of January, TGC and its supporters have committed $1,700,000 and are actively working to secure an additional $1.3 million from private philanthropic individuals and organizations.   You can make a pledge by going to 


Donations through Social Media:  In addition to donations through Ti-Alliance, donors can contribute through the Ticonderoga Golf Club Facebook page and GoFundMe activated on the TGC website at  Donations direct to the club through these pages are not tax deductible.   


For additional information regarding pledges or donations, please contact


Donna Wotton or Sandy Morhouse                                          Jay Wells or Paul Brauner

Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance                                           Ticonderoga Golf Corporation

PO Box 247                                                                                    609 State Rte 9N 

Ticonderoga, NY 12883                                                                Ticonderoga, NY 12883                                  

(518) 543-6782                                                                               (518) 586-6838

EIN: 90-0642083                                                                            TIN:14-1118510

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