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Ticonderoga Awarded $10M DRI

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Ticonderoga Town Supervisor, Mark Wright, and New York Secretary of State, Robert J. Rodriguez, present the $10M DRI check.

Ticonderoga, January 26, 2023 On Monday, New York Secretary of State, Robert J. Rodriguez, announced that the Town of Ticonderoga will be the 6th round recipient of the North Country region's Downtown Revitalization Initiative Grant (DRI). The $10 million grant from New York State will be transformative for downtown Ticonderoga and the community. The grant is the result of 9 months of hard work by the Ticonderoga DRI Committee, which submitted the application in September of 2022. It included extensive input from the community and would not have been possible without community members' support. Now, the real work begins as Ticonderoga leaders regroup with New York State officials to administer the DRI. This amazing news foreshadows all of the exciting work ahead of us. It is a huge milestone in realizing our Shared Vision for a revitalized Ticonderoga Area. Now is the time to get engaged and stay informed as we await next steps from the state. Ti-Alliance has prepared information to answer all of your 10-million-dollar questions below, but please bookmark the Ticonderoga DRI website for information throughout the entire process. Who was on the DRI Committee?

What happens next?

Over the next 6-9 months, New York State will provide a team of consultants and agency staff to support the Local Planning Committee in creating a Strategic Investment Plan. Together, with help and input from the community, the Strategic Investment Plan will determine the final project list that we will tackle with the DRI Grant. The purpose of the DRI is the maximize the advancement of the community's vision for its downtown. We will be considering how we can best leverage private investment in downtown Ticonderoga and expand on New York State's investment. Once the State approves our Strategic Investment Plan, we can begin implementing projects. So, start thinking about downtown Ticonderoga. What would make you spend more time there? What would you like to see in our town? When the surveys and town halls are held, please participate!

What is the Strategic Investment Plan? The Strategic Investment Plan will guide the state's $10 million DRI investment in Ticonderoga revitalization projects. These projects will maximize the advancement of the community's vision for its downtown. They will also leverage private investment in downtown Ticonderoga and expand upon New York State's investment.

Who will be on the Local Planning Committee?

What's the timeline?

We don't have a concrete timeline right now. But, the next several months will involve planning and coordination with New York State to develop the Strategic Investment Plan and its corresponding timeline.

What is Ti-Alliance's role? In 2023, Ti-Alliance will serve on the Local Planning Committee working to develop the Strategic Investment Plan for Ticonderoga (if New York State deems it appropriate). We invite our followers to submit their ideas through the Ticonderoga DRI website. How can you get involved? Right now: Stay engaged! Throughout 2023: There will be a number of additional public meetings, open houses, and new project committees formed to seek feedback from the community. Please participate! Follow our social media, check the Ticonderoga DRI website, and sign up for our email list for updates on the DRI. Contact us is you have specific questions about how you can get more involved. We can direct you to the correct resources. You can also use the contact form on the Ticonderoga DRI website.

Additional resources: Ticonderoga DRI Website: Ti-Alliance Website: PRIDE of Ticonderoga: Facebook: "PRIDE of Ticonderoga" Instagram: @prideofticonderoga84 Town of Ticonderoga Website: New York State Press Release: New York Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez: Twitter: @NYSecofState Facebook: @NYRobertRodriguez Instagram: @secofstaterobertrodriguez


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