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Ti-Alliance Receives Grant from The Adirondack Foundation

The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance has received a $5,000 grant from The Adirondack Foundation’s Generous Acts Fund to support its operations and expansion of programs. The Adirondack Foundation works to enhance the lives of those living and working in the Adirondack region through philanthropy.

This grant will be used to support the opening of the new Ti-Works co-working space, expand the communications program, and further develop business incubation through the Ti-Alliance entrepreneurs program. The Ti-Alliance co-working space “Ti-Works”, offers people a place to work remotely with access to office essentials such as Internet and printing. Ti-Alliance partners with the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce and PRIDE to promote business incubation and entrepreneurship to empower small businesses throughout the Ticonderoga area.

“We are so grateful for this partnership with the Adirondack Foundation, especially during this time when resources are stretched to the limit. We thank them for recognizing the essential work that Ti-Alliance is doing to support our local economy and our community,” said Ti-Alliance Executive Director Donna Wotton. “We continue to expand our capacity for economic development in the southern part of the North Country and this grant will be especially significant in providing staff for our summer programs. Thank you for this generous support and all the great work that you do for the Adirondacks.”

Ti-Alliance is an economic development non-profit working to develop business, employment, housing, education, and other activities that enhance the economy of Ticonderoga and surrounding towns as well as build a strong regional economic hub in the southern part of the North Country.

For more information about Ti-Alliance and how to be involved in its programs, visit the website at To learn more about the Adirondack Foundation and their important work, visit


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