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Ti-Alliance Receives First-Time Grant From Cloudsplitter Foundation

June 20, 2022 Ticonderoga, NY – The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance announced that they have received a first-time grant from The Cloudsplitter Foundation. The $10,000 grant will help expand the capacity of Ti-Alliance to develop two critical new programs.

The grant will fund a new part-time position that will drive workforce housing and childcare projects. The North Country Regional Economic Development Council has prioritized workforce housing and childcare as two areas that pose substantial barriers to strengthening the workforce in our region, and both are critical shortages in the Ticonderoga Area.

“This support from the Cloudsplitter Foundation is integral to expanding the Alliance’s capacity to tackle some of these bigger underlying challenges to our local economy. We know that when we are able to dedicate someone on our team to work on a program, we can make a big impact,” said Ti-Alliance Executive Director Donna Wotton. “We’re getting great results with our school workforce programs, and we know that we can do the same in housing and childcare. Hats off to Cloudsplitter for all the great work that they do throughout the Adirondacks, and a huge thank you for making it possible for Ti-Alliance to start addressing these key issues.”

Ti-Alliance is an economic development non-profit working to develop business, employment, housing, education, and other activities that enhance the economy of the Ticonderoga Area and build a strong regional economic hub in the southern part of the North Country. For more information about Ti-Alliance and how to get involved in its work, visit their website at

The Cloudsplitter Foundation is dedicated to improving the future for the flora, fauna, communities, and people of the Adirondacks. For details on their work throughout our area, visit


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