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Ti-Alliance Receives Adirondack Foundation Grant for Childcare

May 2, 2023 Ticonderoga, NY – The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance is excited to announce that they have received a $16,000 grant from The Adirondack Foundation to support the Childcare for Ticonderoga initiative. The Adirondack Foundation coordinated the grant through a partnership between the Generous Acts Fund, the Bill and Lisa Powers Family Fund, and the Birth to Three Fund.

This grant will be used to help fund the creation of a public childcare center in Ticonderoga. Ti-Alliance has been working for a year with a team of employers, school leadership, licensing agencies, and professionals from the community-at-large to develop a plan for a childcare center. The plan is to have a facility open within a year.

At this time Ti-Alliance is working to raise the funds to support construction and start-up costs to create the center. The donation and project support from the Adirondack Foundation, the Powers Family Fund, and the Birth to Three Fund underscores their commitment to helping communities in the North Country create urgently needed childcare. It’s a regional priority and a critical infrastructure deficiency that inhibits the economic growth of Ticonderoga.

“We want to thank the Adirondack Foundation for their continued support of Ti-Alliance and for recognizing the work of the Community Childcare Alliance Team. We’ve made great progress this year toward the goal of having a public childcare facility in Ticonderoga,” said Ti-Alliance Executive Director Donna Wotton. “This grant represents the power of partnership both on the project side and the funding side. We’re so grateful to the donors to the Generous Acts Fund, the Birth to Three Fund, and the Bill and Lisa Powers Family Fund for sharing our commitment to childcare in the North Country.”

Ti-Alliance is an economic development non-profit working to develop business, employment, housing, education, childcare, and other activities that enhance the economy of the Ticonderoga Area and build a strong regional economic hub in the southern part of the North Country. For more information about Ti-Alliance and how to get involved in Childcare for Ticonderoga, visit the official website at

This work is generously supported by Generous Acts, the Birth to Three Fund, and the Bill and Lisa Powers Family Fund at the Adirondack Foundation. The Foundation works to enhance the lives of the people in the Adirondacks through philanthropy. To learn more about the Adirondack Foundation and its important work, visit


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