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Ti-Alliance Acquires 108 Montcalm Street

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Image courtesy of Google Maps November 1, 2022 Ticonderoga, NY – The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance announced that they have taken ownership of the building at 108 Montcalm Street in Downtown Ticonderoga, commonly known as Newberry’s Store or the Hacker Building. The building had been abandoned by the previous owner and significantly deteriorated over the past decade creating an eyesore in the core block of Downtown Ticonderoga.

The Alliance began the process of purchasing the building from Essex County in early 2020. The county had planned to foreclose on the building, however the foreclosure was delayed for more than two years due to a COVID moratorium. That moratorium was lifted last spring and foreclosure was completed in early October of this year.

“The timing to get 108 Montcalm into the hands of Ti-Alliance was so critical. The building is severely damaged from years of neglect. We were afraid that one more winter would cause the roof to collapse leaving us with a huge vacant lot in the middle of downtown”, said Ticonderoga Supervisor Mark Wright. “We’re glad Ti-Alliance was willing to step up and use their resources as a Local Development Company to play a role in revitalizing this important fixture in Ticonderoga.”

“We would like to thank Mark Wright and the Essex County Board of Supervisors for their help in completing this long transaction. Now that the building is finally in our hands, we can begin the process of revitalization. The renovation of this building will be transformative to the visual appeal of Downtown Ticonderoga and the new franchise will have a huge impact on our local economy,” said Ti-Alliance Executive Director Donna Wotton.

Ti-Alliance will now begin the process of finalizing the scope of the roof repair and other renovations, entertaining bids from contractors, and raising the funds required for renovation from private and public resources. Roof replacement is expected to be completed in Q2-Q3 of next year and a buildout for a new tenant will commence through the end of next year. It is hoped that a new feature business could be open as early as spring 2024.


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