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Ti-Alliance Announces Career Training Scholarship Fund

The Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance has announced the latest component of their Career Training Access Program in the form of a new scholarship fund.

This spring Ti-Alliance will award the first Ti-Alliance Career Training Scholarships.  The goal is to encourage people in our community to pursue careers in skilled trades, remove the barriers to the education needed for these careers, ensure student success, and hopefully have these students live and practice their trades in our community where we have jobs waiting.

The Ti-Alliance Career Training Scholarships will be available to graduating seniors from Ticonderoga High School that want to pursue a career in a skilled trade and plan to work in the Ticonderoga area after receiving their degree or certification.

Eligible programs include (but are not limited to) Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Occupational Science, and certificate programs including: Culinary Arts, Fire Science & Paramedic, Construction Management, General Construction (all trades), HVAC/Plumbing, Electrical, Welding, Automotive, Marine/Sport Vehicle repair, Renewable Energy Technology, Environmental Technology, Mechanical & Industrial Technology, Facility Maintenance/Mechatronics, Dental & Medical Assistants, Nursing, Elder and Hospice Care, and other health industry programs.  All programs must be certified by NY State or other governing board.

Scholarships will be able to cover the costs of outstanding tuition (after other financial aid) and non-tuition costs such as room and board, transportation, books/tools/supplies, certification or other exam fees, and child-care costs. The scholarships will represent a commitment to the student for 2 academic years, or the length of their program (if shorter).

Donna Wotton, Executive Director of Ti-Alliance said, “In our work with the counseling office at Ticonderoga High School we’ve been made aware of students that really want to continue their education in these skilled trades but just can’t make the finances work. Even if they can get grants to cover their tuition, the programs are so far away that they can’t commute. Sometimes room and board, or childcare, or the cost of books and supplies is just financially unfeasible. This program is designed to find the financial gaps and bridge them so that these students can fulfill their goals.”  

Contact the Counseling Office at Ticonderoga High School or Donna Wotton at 518-543-6782 or for an application or further information.


This Scholarship Fund has been created using private donations to the Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance. But we need to build the fund so that it can be self-sustaining for years to come. To contribute, visit the Ti-Alliance webpage and click on a DONATE button anywhere on the site. You can designate your donation for the scholarship fund in the drop-down menu. OR send your donation to Ti-Alliance, P.O. Box 247, Ticonderoga, NY 12883 and note “Scholarships” in the memo area.

Give your donation some real impact by establishing a “named” scholarship. Get a group together to create a scholarship legacy. Combine your donations for a scholarship in the name of a loved one (The John B. Smith Memorial Scholarship?), business group (The Contractor’s Scholarship?), or professional group (Nursing Scholarship?). Contact Executive Director Donna Wotton to create and promote a group scholarship.

Contact: Donna Wotton, Executive Director

Office 518-543-6782

Cell 415-385-4544


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