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Community Rallies to Provide Teen with Life-Changing Experience

June 21, 2022 Ticonderoga, NY – Audrey Cook is a talented local teen artist. This spring, Brit Shaw, her art teacher at Ticonderoga High School, encouraged her to apply to Sotheby’s Summer Institute of Art for their 2-week program in New York City. High school students in the program spend their days touring NYC’s world-class museums and galleries and working on their own art with leading art scholars and professionals as their guides and coaches.

Audrey was accepted to the prestigious program. However, with tuition and fees, the financial barrier for her to attend was too high. Not wanting her to miss out on the opportunity, Audrey’s counselors contacted Ti-Alliance for support.

Ti-Alliance launched a crowdfunding campaign for Audrey’s tuition. Over 60 people donated and many more helped spread the word. Less than 10 hours after launch, the community had raised the $6,000 tuition. The donor who pushed the fundraiser past the goal left a few words to celebrate, writing, “Audrey you impressed me when you were just in 4th grade! I always said this girl is going places. I could not be happier for you reaching your goal and I am honored to push you over your goal!”

Ti-Alliance teamed up with Ticonderoga High School staff to surprise Audrey with the good news. The following morning, she was called to the superintendent’s office at school. Her teachers and siblings were all in attendance. Ti-Alliance Executive Director, Donna Wotton, congratulated Audrey on her acceptance into the Sotheby’s Summer Institute of Art and told her that the community had raised the money for her tuition. Audrey was overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. She will attend her program later this July.

For future updates on Audrey, follow Ti-Alliance on social media (Facebook: @revitalizeticonderoga Instagram: @ti_alliance) and subscribe to their mailing list at Audrey’s work is on display at the Ti Arts Gallery on Montcalm Street.


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