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Local Businesses Are Essential to Economic Prosperity.

The cornerstone of sustainable economic development rests on a community’s ability to create and grow new businesses (and employment opportunities). This requires vision, research, community involvement, financial investment, and a skilled and stable workforce. 

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Our Focuses

Ti-Alliance is focused on expanding the various aspects of economic development to create the infrastructure required for businesses to thrive in the Ticonderoga Area.

Realize your dream of owning your own business. 



Up to $20,000 in 5-year very low-interest loans.



Easy, flexible terms to help you get started or expand your business.



One-on-one entrepreneurial mentorship.



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How We're Driving

Economic Development

  • Developing vacant buildings in downtown Ticonderoga & nurturing new businesses and entrepreneurs to inhabit them and build our local economy.

  • Connecting with other economic developers throughout the Ti Area, region, and state so that when opportunities present themselves, Ticonderoga is top-of-mind as a potential partner.

  • Utilizing our tools as a local development corporation (LDC) to access public and private resources necessary to expand year-round employment and foster new businesses in the Ticonderoga Area.  Learn more about LDC's.

  • Connecting students and adult learners with skills training and jobs that enable them to live, work, and prosper right here in our area and especially expanding our workforce in the trades.

  • Broadening the discussion of economic development in our community through weekly posts to our Facebook page, regular email to our followers, newsletters, monthly reports at town board meetings, and new blog posts.

  • Visiting other rural towns that have good economic development stories and sharing those stories in our community.

  • Developing research projects to build our market knowledge, demographic data, and idea inventory.


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