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Welcome to the posting forum for housing and jobs.  Here's how it works.....

If you are a real estate agent, property owner, or employer, you may become a member of our forum and post new jobs or properties at any time — it's very simple and only takes a moment to join and post.


Potential buyers, renters, and job candidates don't need to join. They can view the list anytime on the Affordable Housing or Professional Jobs pages in this site, and respond to the "more information" link(s) you put in your listing.

The Rules:

Real Estate Agents and Owners:  

  • Listings should be aimed at middle-income renters and buyers.  Please do not list high-end properties, or low-income housing.  

  • Houses for sale should not exceed an asking price above $300,000.

  • Move-in ready houses/apartments for sale or for rent only - no fixer-uppers.

  • Please review listings weekly and remove any fulfilled listings.



  • Listings should be aimed at skilled and professional candidates earning more than $50,000/year and include standard benefits.  No entry-level jobs.

  • Please review listings weekly and remove any filled positions.

To Create Listings:  

Step 1) Click HERE to become a member of the forum.  Then return to this page.

Step 2) Choose your category - "Housing" or "Jobs."

Step 3) Choose a title that will attract the right applicant  (Cute 2 bdr. bungalow, $850/mo, Crown Point .... or Purchasing Manager, 3-5yrs. experience)

Step 4) Give a short description of the property or applicant you are looking for.

Step 5) Provide a link to full details at your job or real estate listing.  Be sure that it leads the applicant to your contact information.  Do not put your contact info in the listing. 

Step 6) Hit PUBLISH.

To Remove Listings:

Step 1) Log in to the forum

Step 2) Click on the listing and hit DELETE

(For Sale and For Rent)



Contact Ti-Alliance

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1.  On the main page HERE, you will see three boxes, titled "For Sale", "For Rent", and "Job Listing." To submit your first item, select the appropriate category by clicking on the title text.

2. The page will reload. Click on the Start A Discussion button.

3.  If you are not a member of our forum yet, you will be prompted to SIGN UP. If you are already a member, you will be asked to LOG IN with your username and password. 

4. In the next "Post Submission" screen, input your listing information. Be sure to Include the following:

a.   A brief title for your listing. We recommend the address or job title, with its price or hourly rate/salary.

b.   A brief description -- three or four sentences ONLY, please. Longer posts are subject to deletion.
IMPORTANT: The option to include photos or videos is mentioned but turned OFF — you may post TEXT ONLY.

c.   End your listing with a text link to your website and/or email address, or both, so buyers/candidates can contact you or click a link to more information. (Be sure to use the link tool at the bottom to make your text link functional.)

5. When you've put in your listing title, description, and link (or links), click the Publish button. Your listing is now LIVE, and will appear on either the Affordable Housing page or Professional Jobs page in this site. To submit additional items, click the button below to submit an additional item. 

6. When your housing or job opening fills, PLEASE RETURN here, log in, and DELETE your item. This resource for our community is only useful if it's kept accurate and up-to-date. Thank you!



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